Monday, February 23, 2009

In Love with my Sony H10 digital camera

Pheu... Finally grabbed a digital camera which suited my pocket. Its Sony DSC H10. More upgraded than a normal Point and Shoot camera. It's an extended zoom type camera with 10x optical zoom. I love the big 3" LCD screen for the clear view of the pictures. It supports a shutter speed of 1/2000 sec which is reasonable. I am also happy with 8.1 mp.
But something I dislike about it are: Focusing a object when I am in Macro mode, its tough to focus properly. Secondly the grains in the picture due to noise. I think Sony should care about it. Thirdly, the battery discharges soon. Actually the culprit is the big LCD screen which consumes much energy, though it runs on Lithium battery. Lastly the accessories are costly than the other company make camera like Canon, Kodak etc of its kind.
I know all products have some pros and cons. so taking it into consideration, I am happy with it for now.
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But but but.... when I see any DSLR or the pictures taken by it I used to drool... OMG! stunning picture quality and stunning performance. Don't know when I will be financially able to grab a DSLR, but I will definitely go for it one day! and for now my dream gear is Canon 450D.

Now let me share some pictures taken with Sony H10





and there's many more...

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