Saturday, July 7, 2007

Photos of Digha

I am not a Professional Photographer but love to shoot. I used to shoot with my old Kodak KB10 camera! Thinking of buying a Digital Camera, but I have not a detailed knowledge which one is better and what are the requirements of a good camera. So, any suggestion is invited cordially. Before joining eFORCE, I went to Digha and took some pictures with my friend's Digital camera. Here are some of them...

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Place of Root

Hi Friends...

This is Koushik Das form Kolkata... Basically I am from Panagarh. I know many of you didn't hear about this place. Hey!!! got an idea... Why not share some of my knowledge and experience about this place? That will be a great fun... So here it is... Something about the place which is my root...

Panagarh(23.40N, 87.25E) is a small town situated under Durgapur subdivision in Burdwan district of West Bengal and near about 150 km for Kolkata. Any nature lover may fall in love with its intrinsic beauty where your lungs can feel free to breath. Many small and huge forests (eg, 11 miles) are there where you can find the place of solitude which can help for a complete relaxation. Two mighty rivers "Damodar" and "Ajay" flow nearby this area which have some economical value too and I think DVC(Damodar Vally Corporation) is the best example.

Not only the beautiful nature, Panagarh is also enriched with some historical values. There is a very ancient Air Force camp. This is very rare place where both the Indian Army and Air force have their establishment. There is an Airport which is extensively used by Indian Air Force. You can not find the name of Panagarh in an ancient political map because it was a secrete place of Indian Air force and Army. Now a days the Air force had shifted their base to little more inside than before because of some heavy damages of the runway and some interesting places like "firing squad ground", "cannon place" and the residential place of the Army persons. Now this huge area is now uncovered to any body and for this reason this abandon place of Indian Army has become the most happening place of spending leisure afternoons and evenings.

A very beautiful place is there nearby Panagarh which is called Randeeha. There is a barrage here and a beautiful river side place. I took some pictures with my mobile which may describe this place (Randeeha) better than me.

Now the road transportation of Panagarh has improved a lot. Now Kolkata is directly connected to it on road and takes just less than 3 hours in Bus which is very much available now a days. The Grand Trunk road (GT Road) and NH 34 have connected Panagarh to various other places which made life easy for the people.

That is some extended view of Panagarh where I born and studied till my 10th standards in the Panagarh Kanksa High school.

If you want to know something more about this place then please let me know.

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